Can’t we just all agree?

Yahoo Search Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo gets how much? $129 million? $71? million? $1 million? Are the media sure she’s even pregnant?

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo gets how many million?

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo gets $1 to $129 million.

Don’t worry, Yahoo. Google’s such brings up the same contradictory results too. But shareholders beware- Yahoo is going down.

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Unattended Duffel Bag Possible Bomb in Kuala Lumpur?

Unattended Bag that looks like a bomb in Kuala Lumpur. Uh, why would someone leave a bag on a sidewalk? Is that a type of thing you just ‘forget’? Did it fall out of a truck? But why would it land on the sidewalk. And why am I the only one around. Eerily absent of people. Uh, maybe I should get outta here!

Unattended Bag - possible bomb - in Kuala Lumpur
A lonely bag with no one around. Weird. Hope its not a bomb. Oh, someone left a newspaper too. I wonder what’s going on?

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Major Adobe Flash Fail in Bangkok

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Shocking Update: Joseph Kony is Found!

Since the Kony 2012 campaign caught the world’s attention, a shocking update has been released over the location and whereabouts of the fugitive warlord, Joseph Kony. Experts previously believed he was last seen in Democratic Republic of the Congo, but a recent Yahoo! Answers posting reveals this truth…

Where is Kony?

Where is Kony?


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10 Funny Misspelled Signs from Thailand

You travel to foreign countries and see signs in English that are either weirdly worded or grossly misspelled. It gets to be funny when you see so many. The following signs were found in parts in Thailand. If you don’t watch it, it could tickle your funny bone. We certainly have a few gut aches from some of these. What silliness! It makes you want to pack your bags now, doesn’t it? Or if you’re looking for work, they might be hiring proofreaders over there. Please, go now! They need you!

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Bones Found in KFC Chicken Pot Pie

KFC Pot Pie Chicken Bones

KFC Pot Pie Chicken Bones

Beware of chicken bones in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Chicken Pot Pies. It can be an ugly surprise if you’re chomping down on one or accidentally swallow one.

This pot pie, purchased at the Kentucky Fried Chicken in Longview, WA on 11-30-2011 contained two. This is an editorial opinion posted to warn others to be careful if you choose to eat one.

Mmmm, that’s appetizing.

KFC Chicken Pot Pie Bones

KFC Chicken Pot Pie Bones and Receipt

KFC Pot Pie is Kind of Gross

KFC Pot Pie is Kind of Gross

The pot pie is kind of gross looking anyway. Bones aside, it makes you wonder what ELSE could be mixed in there?

KFC Chicken Pot Pie Box

KFC Chicken Pot Pie Box and Receipt

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10 Worst Knee Injuries in Sports

WARNING – These are some of the worst knee injuries in sports. These images are graphic and not for feint of heart. Please try to avoid these when competing in sports and take care of your knees!

 torn knee ligaments
10. Football knee injury – it’s usually not a good idea to tackle a quarterback in the knees. This results in torn ligaments


Baseball knee injury
9. Baseball knee injury


hockey knee injury
8. Hockey knee injury… twisted unnaturally


Football knee injury
7. Football knee injury (again)


Basketball knee injury
6. Basketball knee injury (fracture)


Basketball knee injury
5. Basketball knee injury (again)


Ultimate fighting knee injury
4. Ultimate fighting knee injury

3. Rugby knee injury

2. Soccer knee injury. No doubt this is extremely painful

1. Football knee injury. The knee is not supposed to bend backwards like that.

Have you had ACL surgery? If so, please share your advice here (9 questions): ACL survey

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12 Funny Street Signs

Surfer Xing

Surfer Crossing

Surfer Xing

Dear Crossing


Ostrich Crossing


Watch out for Cassowaries and Kangaroos!


Very descriptive illustration




How practical

England (2)

Is that guy a vehicle?


No groping, please

no target shooting

The sign wasn’t very effective


No bullcrap allowed


Dachshund dogs prohibited

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Why is Google so Racist?


Google auto-complete is fun. Look at examples below, or try it out for yourself!











But Yahoo is just as silly…








And Bing has its moments…



Isn’t auto-complete fun?

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Worst Business Name Ever!

Worst Business Name Ever

Notice the blood dripping from the ‘dye’ letters- does this make you feel comfortable trusting them with cutting and curling your hair? Cute or not, I wouldn’t take a gamble by going to them. Also, the letter style of the sign doesn’t match the one above the entrance. If they’re inconsistent there, maybe they’ll also be with my hair!

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