10 Worst Knee Injuries in Sports

WARNING – These are some of the worst knee injuries in sports. These images are graphic and not for feint of heart. Please try to avoid these when competing in sports and take care of your knees!

 torn knee ligaments
10. Football knee injury – it’s usually not a good idea to tackle a quarterback in the knees. This results in torn ligaments


Baseball knee injury
9. Baseball knee injury


hockey knee injury
8. Hockey knee injury… twisted unnaturally


Football knee injury
7. Football knee injury (again)


Basketball knee injury
6. Basketball knee injury (fracture)


Basketball knee injury
5. Basketball knee injury (again)


Ultimate fighting knee injury
4. Ultimate fighting knee injury

3. Rugby knee injury

2. Soccer knee injury. No doubt this is extremely painful

1. Football knee injury. The knee is not supposed to bend backwards like that.

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4 Responses to 10 Worst Knee Injuries in Sports

  1. Janis Worden says:

    you’ve gotten an ideal blog right here! would you like to make some invite posts on my website? Sure, no problem.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you. Stay tuned for more posts. It won’t all be gross like these knee injuries, but are sure to be something amazing.

  3. Scarlet Kennedy says:

    In February of 2011 I had surgery on a tibea plataeu fracture. The plate was beginning to push my skin upwards and was getting very painful at the bottom towards my shin after 8 months.

    Therefore, I requested the hardware to be removed. The OS agreed and the next evening I fell and tore all the stiches from the knew and approximately 5 inches above. The OS decided to butterfly the incision instead of going back into the OR to fix it. There has been alot of draining and it has begun swelling in my knew towards the inside. I go to see him tomorrow (1 week after surgery) for a status. Can anyone recommend questions to ask? At the time he applied the butterflies he also had xrays done to make sure no bones were affected and they came back fine. I took all of my antibiotics and while icing it down on the fourth day, the icepack broke and all of the incisions were wet for probably 20 minutes. I immediately dried it and reapplied guaze. Any words of advice?

  4. admin says:

    That sounds painful! Gosh, there’s no surgeon or doctor here who can intelligently answer from experience. Try posting on Yahoo Answers and see if anyone there knows.

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