Shocking Update: Joseph Kony is Found!

Since the Kony 2012 campaign caught the world’s attention, a shocking update has been released over the location and whereabouts of the fugitive warlord,¬†Joseph Kony. Experts previously believed he was last seen in Democratic Republic of the Congo, but a recent Yahoo! Answers posting reveals this truth…

Where is Kony?

Where is Kony?


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3 Responses to Shocking Update: Joseph Kony is Found!

  1. Dr. Guy says:

    Takes one to know one.

  2. Pancreas 5000 says:

    You are truly out in space. I thought this was real when I clicked on it.

  3. joe tirra says:

    Haha, he’s with your mom, good one. Reminds me of an american pie: he’s with Stifler’s mom.

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