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Can’t we just all agree?

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo gets how much? $129 million? $71? million? $1 million? Are the media sure she’s even pregnant? Don’t worry, Yahoo. Google’s such brings up the same contradictory results too. But shareholders beware- Yahoo is going down.

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Major Adobe Flash Fail in Bangkok

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Shocking Update: Joseph Kony is Found!

Since the Kony 2012 campaign caught the world’s attention, a shocking update has been released over the location and whereabouts of the fugitive warlord, Joseph Kony. Experts previously believed he was last seen in Democratic Republic of the Congo, but a … Continue reading

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12 Funny Street Signs

Surfer Crossing Dear Crossing Ostrich Crossing Watch out for Cassowaries and Kangaroos! Very descriptive illustration Nice How practical Is that guy a vehicle? No groping, please The sign wasn’t very effective No bullcrap allowed Dachshund dogs prohibited

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Why is Google so Racist?

Google auto-complete is fun. Look at examples below, or try it out for yourself!             But Yahoo is just as silly…           And Bing has its moments…   Isn’t auto-complete fun?

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Wong Fook Hing Book Store

Confucius say, “If you are in book store and cannot find book for which you seek, you are probably in the…

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5 Ugliest Cars You’ll See Today

We need more double-decker bus homes driving around like this. See the rear view, and the crap he’s selling!?- UNBELIEVABLE!

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